Day Trade Our Money

We fund all of our graduates and let them day trade our money.

So why do we do this? If day trading is risky, why would we risk letting you day trade our money when you could potentially lose it all? 

There are 2 major ways that we help you reduce that risk:

First, we assign you a professional day trader as a coach to teach you how to trade in a one-on-one setting. Most traders make a lot of mistakes their first year of day trading, but with a day trading coach to teach and mentor you, you can bypass many of those mistakes which reduces the risk.

Second, we give you access to our proprietary leading indicator software that helps you identify when to buy and sell in the markets.

This is a big commitment for both of us. In order to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties, we don’t just jump in.

We have a 30-day trial program that allows you to test us out, while we see if you’re a good fit to day trade our money. It’s important that you get to “kick the tires” and try us out before ever deciding if you want to move forward. We also get to see how committed you are to learning how to day trade our money. This process is a win-win!

We hold a daily Webinar that shows you our leading indicator software in action and explains the trial program in detail.

To learn more, click on the link below to get registered for the Webinar and learn how you can day trade our money.