Reviews and Testimonials

Watch these reviews  and testimonials:

So you’re looking at Try Day Trading to learn how to become a successful forex day trader. Everything looks good up front, but what do our students and graduates have to say about their experiences with our forex coaching programs?

Jordan, the Director of Day Trading Academic Success, interviews each forex day trader to discover what they were doing prior to day trading, why they chose forex day trading, and a review of our forex coaching programs. Enjoy these interviews!

Trader Executive Testimonial with Clint Ellsworth:

Clint had no experience day trading when he found Try Day Trading. He tested the waters by trying the 30-day trial program and then went into the Trader Executive program. Watch this interview to learn about his day trading coaching experience.


Trader Pro Funding Graduate Testimonial with Seth Riddle:

Seth is an entrepreneur who has his own residential construction business. Seth had no prior day trading experience. Seth went through our 9-week one-on-one coaching program and is now trading his live company funded trading account. Watch this interview to learn more about his experience from Trader Lite to Trader Pro Funding to going live.

Trader Pro Funding Graduate Testimonial with Kris Higley:

Kris is a graphic designer who went through our Trader Pro Funding coaching program. At the time of this interview, Kris had just received his 3rd round of funding. Watch this video to learn about his experience going through day trading coaching and what it was like to go from demo trading to live trading. Kris’s mantra of slow and steady has contributed to a lot of his success day trading in the foreign exchange market.

Trader Pro Funding Graduate Testimonial with Mitch Olsen:

Mitch has spent most of his career in the advertising industry. When he first got started, he didn’t know anything about day trading. He was looking for a way to create an extra income without quitting his day job. Mitch went through our 12-week one-on-one coaching program. He really appreciated his coach’s willingness to customize the coaching based on his progress. Upon graduating, Mitch received a funded account to day trade. Mitch shares his experience doing his first live trade with real money. Watch the interview to learn more.

Trader Pro Funding Graduate Testimonial with Jaron Rime:

Jaron had been in the real estate mortgage business for 10 years when he stumbled upon day trading forex with us. It’s been over 2 years since Jaron graduated from the Trader Pro Funding coaching program and he has since left his old job and gone to day trading full-time for his income. He loves the time freedom that it gives him to spend time with his wife and five kids. Watch this video to learn how Jaron was able to day trade our money and earn a great living!

Forex Coaching Testimonial with Dale Lynn:

Dale began day trading with our tools and system back in 2009. Dale was a computer programmer prior to becoming a full-time day trader. Dale wanted to build a nest egg for retirement and has been able to do that through day trading.  In this interview, Dale shares his insights into how long he day trades each day, how he day trades when he’s on vacation, and tips for new day traders. Watch Dale’s interview by clicking the red play button on the video.

Trader Pro Funding Graduate Testimonial with Brady DeVoe:

Brady went through our Trader Pro Funding day trading coaching program. In this interview he shares his experience of what led him to day trading forex, his coaching experience, getting a funded account upon graduation, and his results day trading in the live market. Watch the video to learn about Brady’s experience with us! 

Forex Coaching Testimonial with Mike Smith:

Mike loves to travel and spend time with his wife. Although he already makes a great income, he was looking for a way to have more time freedom. That’s when one of Mike’s friends introduced him to our 12-week coaching program. In this interview, Mike shares his insights into why having a forex day trading coach was crucial to his success. He also shares his number one insight into his coaching experience now that he can look back on his coaching program. Learn about Mike’s experience by watching the video.

Forex Coaching Testimonial with Robin Follett:

Robin is a commercial real estate mortgage broker. Robin was interested in working fewer hours, but making a similar income. This would free up his time to do more of the things he enjoys. Getting trained by one of our top professional day traders and having access to ask questions anytime was really important to Robin. That’s why Robin upgraded from the Trader Pro Funding coaching program to the Trader Executive coaching program. Robin is a few months ahead of schedule with his forex day trading strategies thanks to his Trader Executive coaching. Watch the video to learn more. 

Forex Coaching Testimonial with Austin Wright:

Austin was looking for something that could give him both time freedom and enough income to fund his goals. Austin loves day trading forex because he can do it in the evening time. Austin is in his last week of coaching and is looking forward to getting a funded account. Watch this interview to learn more about Austin’s forex coaching experience with Try Day Trading!

Forex Coaching Testimonial with Matt Watts:

Matt was a regional account manager for a marketing company when he found day trading. Matt signed up for the Trader Pro Funding coaching program and learned how to day trade forex. It’s been over 2 years since graduating and he was able to leave his account management job to day trade full time. In this interview, Matt shares his experience with the day trading coaching program and advice for new traders just starting out. Watch this video by clicking on the red play button.

Read what our forex coaching students are saying:

Recently i have been part of the executive level training program. I wanted to make sure that you know what a terrific job that your trainers did. Brady was a very knowledgeable trainer and was exceptional at getting me to trust in the algorithm, he was also very instrumental in helping me understand the Major's and Miners, as well as the Echo algorithm, He also was great at making me understand how important it is use the trading rules and habit's to be a successful trader. My executive coach was Trent. The first thing i would like to point out is the transition between Brady and Trent was seamless. There were no gap's for me to try and fill in, it was really excellent. I felt like Trent was very personable, patient, and understanding of my questions, and would take the time necessary to answer them. Trent was very organized, and knowledgeable about the algorithm's and the trading platform. Him and I spent time honing my trading skills, and back testing one of my trading theory's which I found very helpful. I feel that because of my training i have the tools necessary to be a successful day trader and i am very grateful for that, and I owe it all to my trainers, Brady and Trent. It seems like not very often do you feel like you get what pay for, however in this case I feel like I received more value for my money then I payed for!!

Testimonial Ken F
Ken F

Having completed the Executive Training Program I have to say: I am elated about my experience. My 12-week coach, Trent, is a truly insightful and thorough guide through the preparation process, and I am genuinely grateful for his hard work. And at the concluding 2-Day Training Matt equipped me with tactical methods that are exceptional. Combining both repertoires of training together has me feeling incredibly confident and expectant for great things. I am a natural skeptic, but THIS OPPORTUNITY IS THE REAL DEAL, and they do what they promise. Thanks Trent, thanks Matt, and thanks to the whole's to our future...

Testimonial Chad B
Chad B

I’m having good success and owe it to the great training I have received from your company and your proprietary indicators. I use the echo before I make any trade now and it has helped immensely, now that I understand how to use it better. Also, I was able to stay safe in yesterday's trade because I decided to move my stop loss higher. I read the FinFx Daily Outlook everyday and felt like it would be safer to do so. Thanks for all of your help!

Testimonial Darlene Hemple
Darlene Hemple

I am very satisfied having Matt as a coach. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. And the things he does not know he is willing to go the extra mile and research it out. He is also very kind and patient. He will answer any question you have to the fullest. And if you don't understand and ask the same question again he will answer it again with no problem. And how can you not love his sense of humor (Ha ha!). He is always worrying and apologizing about offending people but has never offended me and if I were to guess no one else either. He is very good at talking. In the beginning I thought how are we going to talk about this for a whole hour, I have no questions yet. But he always managed to fill the whole hour, and sometimes a little more, and I always came out of it with more knowledge than I expected. He answered questions I didn't even know I had yet. He has a tight schedule, as I'm sure all coaches do, and his time is very valuable but he would never cut you short and never say time is up. He always made sure every question was answered before he let you go. Even if it went over time a little bit. And you knew when he was running a few minutes late, which was not very often, he was giving that student before you the same amount of attention. I like that he was willing to share any information that he came across. Also any trades that he was analyzing. But at the same time he would not push you into anything, he would just give you the information and let you decide what to do with it. Whether he knows it or not he is great at pep talks and building your confidence back up. When I had bad trading days he always said the right things to boost me back up and get me back in the game. I liked that he would go over my trades with me and give me suggestions on what to do. And I don't know how many times I made him go over hedging and price averaging. Again he was very patient and kept going over it. I like how he says it is not a bad thing to use hedging and price averaging its just another way to make money. Overall my experience with Matt has been wonderful! I feel that I have came out of the training with the tools and knowledge I need to succeed. And if I have questions or need help in the future, I know I can count on him to be there for me. I have enjoyed the time I got to spend with him. And I would definitely recommend him to other students joining in.

Testimonial Tiffany Kester
Tiffany Kester

I am now in my 5th week of the Trader Pro Funding Program. I am fortunate to live near the Pleasant Grove office, and be able to interact with so many experienced traders. Before my coach was assigned to me, I had already met him, because during my first few weeks attending the Wed night training, he overheard me asking someone how to add MetaTrader 4 to my iphone. Of course he offered his help. He embodies what I have heard used in business models before: the 5 P's.....Professional, Prepared, Punctual, Polite, & Patient. I really appreciate the last one- he takes the time to help me with some of the technical things (charts- data- etc) that take me longer to learn.... and he is always willing to help. He has a teachers mentality- wanting you to learn. He has been consistent from the beginning- teaching by example, and always willing to help. Most businesses- including mine, have a scarcity mentality... they don’t want to give away all of the things they have learned the hard way- I paid a price for it- but here, it is abundance. That was clear from the first day... and continues....Matt definitely embraces and teaches from a can do mindset.

Testimonial Mitch Olsen
Mitch Olsen

We have had 3 great sessions with Matt. I think he is an excellent coach. He is a good listener, really knows the program and is anxious to help each student become successful. I know he has gone the extra mile with us. Even tho I still have some things to work out, with Matts help I have had a good 2 weeks of trading demo. I have been tempted to go live, but I want to make sure what I am doing and how I am doing it is really working. Matt helped me smooth out some rough edges today and I am looking forward to trading next week, still demo next week.For me, its like going back to college to get my 4 year degree in 1 year. I have heard from you and several coaches and others, that it really takes time to learn how to day trade and maybe not smart of me to even try, but time is one thing I am a little short on. Thank you for your help and having faith in us. We really like your program, your interest in really helping people to succeed shows in all the things your company is doing. I wake up excited for a new day of trading about 4:00 am, do my morning chores and head to the office shooting to get my first trade in by 5:30. I trade until the ONIT, ( soak it up ) ( thanks for the gift, over $500 this week) then head for home at 5:00 PM, spend time with my wife and hitting the bed between 8:30 and 9:00. LOVE THE DAY TRADING, MY DAYS JUST FLY BY, NEVER BORING WHEN LEARNING AND SCHOOL IS NEVER OUT.

Testimonial Ralph Bonham
Ralph Bonham

Thanks and good job to my Coach. He has been punctual, courteous, and very patient with me. He has passed on his knowledge in a very effective manner. I’d also like to extend my thanks to all the coaches who run the ONITs and Thursday night training. They are all very good at their explanations and take their time answering all the questions that come in. I learned a ton and have tons more to learn.

Testimonial Fred Hess
Fred Hess