Why do the best forex day traders have a coach?

If you look at the top performers in the world, there is a common thread between them all. They all seek out the best coaches to help them to continue to improve. If you didn’t watch the video yet, watch it above as we show you the transformation of an olympic sprinter who went from winning zero medals at his first olympic games to switching his coach and then winning 9 gold medals in the following three Olympic games.

Learning how to become a successful forex day trader is no different. You need a forex coach that will give you the best education, create a custom trading plan for you and keep you accountable to that plan and your trades. 

Our forex coaches are in the market daily and are experts using our proprietary trading indicators. Most of our coaches were students at one time and they have the passion to help others gain the same knowledge.

How do our forex coaches help you remove your emotional tie to money?

When it comes to money, most of us have an emotional tie to it. We work hard for our money and don’t want to lose it.

The fear of loss and greed play a big part for forex day traders. That’s why our forex coaches teach the 1% rule to help you remove your emotional tie to money. Let’s say that a $1 bill represents 1% of your day trading account. If you were to lose 1% of your account or $1, it wouldn’t be devastating. You wouldn’t want to lose it, but if you did, it’s not the end of the world. On the other hand, if you were to gain 1% of your account or $1, you would be happy, but it wouldn’t be life changing.  Our forex coaches teach you to look at your trades objectively instead of emotionally. Make sure you register for the webinar to learn more about our forex day trading coaching programs!